Friday, September 15, 2006

Wow, I getting behind.

Well, its been 14 days since my last post. Alot has changed for me. I'm enrolled in two Online classes, I'm taking drugs(Wellbutrin to help with depression), I'm days way from signing a leasing agreement that will let me move out of my parents house next month, and I have a job(Temp job but its better then nothing). So I must say things have really changed for the better for me, though for some reason it doesn't feel that way to me. I think its because it hasn't all sunk in yet.

Also I have another blog(yes that makes two I have to keep up with now) on one of the gaming forums I frequent so I will be posting most of my gaming updates there. It can be found at.

I'll be adding a link later to my link list.

Well unitl next time, have fun and don't do anything I wouldn't do.


Friday, September 01, 2006

Its been awhile...

Hey guys and girls(and ghosts), its been awhile since my last entry. Alots changed for me. For starters I've come to realize that Wargaming has been getting in the way of my focusing on improving my life, so I've decided starting today(except for a few last minute things I owe people) I am going to be packing up and putting away all of my gaming stuff for the month of September. In October once my life has stabilized a bit and I have a regular schedule going I will be coming back to gaming, but for now I need the break. I am also going to be exploring other ways of spending my time so that I don't just game with my free time and nothing else anymore.

Another big change is that I am finally moving out of where I am now and getting an appartment of my own in October. I am really excited about this. I think it will go along way towards me focusing on my future. Also this fall I am heading back to school to start studying for an Associated Degree in Computer Science. Well thats all for me, back to studying for my math placement exam later today, talk to you all later...