Friday, August 11, 2006

I wish I was at Gencon.

That about says it all. Last summer I spent 5 days and about $900 on the best vacation of my life. I went to a big convention center in Indianna with thousands of other people like me and played minatures games, card games, rpgs, and talk shop til I could hardly stand. This year however my job situation has prevented me from attending, and it has me depressed out of my skull. So what do I do? I have spent the last two days, well probably 12-16 hours of the last two days glued to my computer and several forums countlessly refreshing firefox to find out all I can about the con. That con is called Gencon, and it is the place Privateer Press release the new expansion rules for warmachine every years. So the book came out, and I've gleaned all I can, unforuntately not enough(NO WHERE NEAR ENOUGH)(yes, I am an addict) but I'm missing things going on around me and the damn CON! It sucks to be me sometimes...

...Rant mode off...



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