Sunday, July 23, 2006

Wasted Weekend

Wow, the weekend has come and is about to go and I did absolutely nothing. Infact, I didn't really get anything accomplished on Thursday or Friday either. The last 4 days I did a whole lot of nothing and that bothers me. I have alot I need to get done.

1) I need to finish painting the Cryx battle box and the Juggernaut so I can submit my Pressganger application.
2) I need to paint Mike and Justins stuff for their commissions.
3) I need to finish the windows and sand and paint the garage door
4) Clean out, Vaccum, and then wash my car
5) Find a good job
6) Cut up the tree branch that fell last night during the storm
7) Paint my own mini's
8] Figure out how I'm going to sell my chaos fantasy army
9) Clean up around the house

Wow alot to do and me not doing it. Tomorrow I am really going to need to buckle down...

Anyways, hope you all are doing fine(if there even are any of you).



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