Monday, July 31, 2006

An Eventful Weekend...

How's it going? So how was your weekend? Mine was actually pretty good. I played in a Warmachine tourney and almost won. I did however take best in faction and got my first Khador Coin. Privateer Press had coins made by the same company that produces Challenge coins for the military to use as prizes for their tournies. I have been trying to get a coin for almost a year now and I finally succeeded this past weekend. Now I can take it easy and run tournies and not be jealous of the winners. I will post a pick of my coin when I get a chance.

The other eventful thing that happened is my sister returned from spending a year in china with the world teach program. She looks very different and I think the trip forced her to grow up alot compared to the spoiled girl she was when she left. I'm glad to see the change.

Well until next time...



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