Monday, July 17, 2006


I was so close, so close. I went to a tourney for one of the games I play, Warmachine. I was 4 points off being the best player there(22 players) from my faction(Army type, 5 players of my type there). In warmachine tournies(Called Steamroller Tournies) the winner gets a champion coin(made by the same company that makes Military Challenge Coins) and then the best player of each of the 4 Factions(plus Mercs) gets a coin. I just want to win one coin, the Khador coin(the main faction I play) and then I can stop taking tournies seriously and just play for fun.

Also, my local press ganger(a volunteer who runs demos and tournies for Privateer Press, the company that makes Warmachine) has decided to resign and has recogmended me as his replacement. So I have been a painting fool today trying to get the required demo models done so I can apply. Anyways, beside finally getting to paint some of my own stuff and traveling 7 total hours to and from a tourney saturday(a really fun tourney, worth the trip), nothing new is going on right now. Talk to you all later.



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