Monday, July 31, 2006

An Eventful Weekend...

How's it going? So how was your weekend? Mine was actually pretty good. I played in a Warmachine tourney and almost won. I did however take best in faction and got my first Khador Coin. Privateer Press had coins made by the same company that produces Challenge coins for the military to use as prizes for their tournies. I have been trying to get a coin for almost a year now and I finally succeeded this past weekend. Now I can take it easy and run tournies and not be jealous of the winners. I will post a pick of my coin when I get a chance.

The other eventful thing that happened is my sister returned from spending a year in china with the world teach program. She looks very different and I think the trip forced her to grow up alot compared to the spoiled girl she was when she left. I'm glad to see the change.

Well until next time...


Sunday, July 23, 2006

Wasted Weekend

Wow, the weekend has come and is about to go and I did absolutely nothing. Infact, I didn't really get anything accomplished on Thursday or Friday either. The last 4 days I did a whole lot of nothing and that bothers me. I have alot I need to get done.

1) I need to finish painting the Cryx battle box and the Juggernaut so I can submit my Pressganger application.
2) I need to paint Mike and Justins stuff for their commissions.
3) I need to finish the windows and sand and paint the garage door
4) Clean out, Vaccum, and then wash my car
5) Find a good job
6) Cut up the tree branch that fell last night during the storm
7) Paint my own mini's
8] Figure out how I'm going to sell my chaos fantasy army
9) Clean up around the house

Wow alot to do and me not doing it. Tomorrow I am really going to need to buckle down...

Anyways, hope you all are doing fine(if there even are any of you).


Monday, July 17, 2006


I was so close, so close. I went to a tourney for one of the games I play, Warmachine. I was 4 points off being the best player there(22 players) from my faction(Army type, 5 players of my type there). In warmachine tournies(Called Steamroller Tournies) the winner gets a champion coin(made by the same company that makes Military Challenge Coins) and then the best player of each of the 4 Factions(plus Mercs) gets a coin. I just want to win one coin, the Khador coin(the main faction I play) and then I can stop taking tournies seriously and just play for fun.

Also, my local press ganger(a volunteer who runs demos and tournies for Privateer Press, the company that makes Warmachine) has decided to resign and has recogmended me as his replacement. So I have been a painting fool today trying to get the required demo models done so I can apply. Anyways, beside finally getting to paint some of my own stuff and traveling 7 total hours to and from a tourney saturday(a really fun tourney, worth the trip), nothing new is going on right now. Talk to you all later.


Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Stupid People...

Don't you hate stupid people. Yes, we all know that a person is smart but a crowd is dumb, but some people are just way beyond unintellgent. Recently, I made a post on a forum I frequent. Another user then makes a new topic, quotes my point, and then asks a out of context question about what I had written. So then 10 or so people immidately respond answering his out of context question with reasons why I am total wrong(based on his question) and not the actual context. God I hate stupid people, and those who just add on to add on. When I see something that is just dumb I just don't respond, I wish others could learn to do that.


Sunday, July 09, 2006

Another Day...

Another Headache... Life has been pretty boring for me recently. Still no job, though I had an unsuccessful interview on thursday. Also I have been having problems sleeping. I went to bed at 11pm last night and woke up at 3AM. I was up til 8AM this morning and then slept til noon. It seems no matter what I do I can't get more then 4 hours of sleep at a time lately. Also when I woke up at noon I had a bad headache(which still hasn't gone away) and I just felt crummy. Maybe tomorrow will be better.


Monday, July 03, 2006

Back again...

Well, its 12:01am on July 4th. I'm sick, and totally exausted(which is weird because I slept most of the day). How is everyone else in the real world? I currently have no plans on how I am going to spend my 4th. I have some friends that will be getting together to game early, but who know if that will lead to fireworks or anything else fun. At the momment I am concentrating on just trying to keep my head clear of snot and trying to catch somemore Zs. I hope your 4th is going better then mine so far.